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"Necessity is the mother of all invention." 

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, this is "an expression that means that if you really need to do something, you will think of a way of doing it."

Well, I needed to DO something. Okay, it was more like I needed to GET something. Somethings (plural) actually. I didn't want to just ask my

friends for help yet I didn't know what I could offer them in exchange unless I knew specifically what they wanted. So, after much pondering, I decided to create an event, GET IT GIRL, for women to help women get what they want.

It's a simple concept really. We start with a half hour of food and drink :-), then we sit in a circle and each have two minutes to say who we are and three things we want to get.
It could be anything like getting more clients for ones business, creating a business, getting out of their business, getting a mentor, blind dates, referrals to a trustworthy baby sitter, lawyer referrals, connections with other parents in the same situation, kidney donations (true story), a laundry mat to shoot a scene for a film, help organizing ones closets, an introduction to a specific person/company they want to work for or learn from... Anything goes. No judgement. Just support.

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It's an incredibly bonding, supportive environment and I LOVE IT! I want to make it a multi-platform, manifest/pay it forward, feel good show. (Think SHARK TANK meets the Helpful Honda campaign meets Ellen's giveaways. So, yeah, that's one of my GETS. :-) What are your gets?


Even though I've been hosting these on and off for a few years and collaborated with two of my AMAZING friends, Deena Dill and Richard Joel for a super, daddy GET IT GIRL to introduce female content creators to the entertainment industry, I will truck on to support women helping women any way I can. 

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