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Make money acting in television commercials!

René is available for private commercial or theatrical coaching or you're welcome to join her for

a one day on-camera, commercial intensive.

René will cover choices, moment before, tag, slating in the tone of the spot, behaviors, being in the moment, 

confidence, arc's, knowing your type, wardrobe choices, preparing copy, preparing for no copy, how to break in

and how to continue working as a commercial actor.

René has valuable insights and advice!

Email for one day intensive dates.  


She has appeared in over 100 commercials including:

McDonald's, Home Depot, Sprite, Honda, Chevy Lumina, Pepsi, Toyota, Burger King, Rembrandt, Assurant

Health, Red Lobster, Skechers, Cable One, Ross, Jeep, Vons, Sears, Taco Bell, Frontline, HTC, DHL, Wellbutrin,

Lowe's, Sherwin Williams, Bud Light, Disneyland, Chef Boyardee, Humana Insurance, Charles Schwab,

Energizer Battery, Econo Lodge, Chevy Lumina, Gallo Wine, Pacific Care Insurance, Miracle Gro, Honda, Corona,

Latisse, Dell, Vita Coco Water, Skechers...

To sign up for class, email René with your contact information, which class(s) you'd like to attend and be

sure to attach your Actors Access, LA Casting or Casting Frontier link and she will get back to you with the details.


Space is limited. Ages 14 and older.

Class located in Los Angeles.

Happy booking!

"I used the technique on slating in my last two auditions. Two callbacks, one booking. Thank you!"                                                                 Matt Riedy


"After I took René's commercial class, I booked my next was a national Geico commercial! You can't get better results from a class than that!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                Deena Dill

"I was having trouble booking or getting callbacks, so I decided to try coaching with René because her resume is about a mile long and knows how to book. I coached with her on 4 auditions in the span of a week and had callbacks for 3 of them. She helped me specifically with my auditions and more generally on how to be relaxed and prepared going into the room."                                                                                                                 Bret Green

"I've taken SO many classes, from Carolyne Barry's to Killian's to commercial CD workshops and René's nuggets of wisdom yesterday were pointers that I have NEVER heard before. I feel confident that she's given me some real concrete tools to use in my auditions."                                         Lisa Dobbyn


"René is a genius with choices. Her mind runs freely. She's a creative genius. Behavior is key and she unlocks the door to get you thinking and the permission to be free."                                                                                                                                                                              Candice Lenoir

"Wow. Taking René's class is like opening Pandora's'll never just go in hoping for the best again. She gives real insight on how to be clear, specific, and stand out using your unique talent. Highly Recommend."                                                                                                         Greg Maness


"René's class gave grounded, real, out of the box approaches to help commercial actors stand out from the crowd and make their auditions really pop - even experienced, working actors will learn something new!"                                                                                                                            Lisa Wells

"I am a Senior reentering 'The Biz' and needed a brush up on technique and knowledge of current trends - for BOOKING the job! I got it in René's intensive workshop, where she provided a safe, non- threatening and SUPPORTIVE environment. I loved the hands on approach as she worked with us and focused in on our own individual and UNIQUE needs. YAH!! Five Stars"                                               Former Dean Martin Golddigger, Suzy Cadham

"René's energy is catching. She provides miles and miles of feedback that gets you farther down the road on your journey. And it's a fun ride!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sydney Maddy

"René really helped me refine my choices and become more specific. I feel more clear about what casting directors see."                         Quonta Beasley

"René's class was great! We covered so much, tried different types of commercials and she gave super specific, helpful examples. Her advice is clear and I already know I'll apply it to my next audition."                                                                                                                                         Julia Motta

"I appreciate that René can cut through the haze and illuminate exactly what an actor needs to know as well as what encumbrances we can release. What a relief this class was."                                                                                                                                                                      Tom Antonellis

"I loved how she let us be free but still take direction. Allowing us to make our own decisions with a little flavor of correction."                      Imani Haze

"Alive, clear direction, ready to put to practice."                                                                                                                                          Karen Mitchell

"René knows the craft of the business of acting extremely will. Plenty of gems of golden nuggets to learn from her. She is a seasoned pro!"  Eddie Tang

"I loved René's clear and concise observations in regards to specific behavior that brings commercial auditions to life."                    Kristelle Monterossa


"I'm so glad I came. I got some amazing nuggets of information that are game changers. I'm so ready to book my next commercial!"          Janna Carola

"René gave me lot's of fresh ideas on how to be more effective when auditioning."                                                                                         Jeremy Parr

"She knows her stuff. What a fantastic class. Thank you for helping me recharge my commercial game."                                                         Brie Carter

"René understands and shares so many great industry tricks and secrets. I can't wait to start applying them!"                                              Lance Bonza

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